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Post : 26 Jan 2024

GoldenHome Thailand Production Base Groundbreaking Ceremory

As of January 19, 2024, Golden Home is a well-known brand in China. The foundation stone laying ceremony was held to open the production base at CPGC Industrial Estate and it was a success that was very meaningful for Golden Home to enter the path of international development.

Mr. Traiphop Wongtrairat, Governor of Rayong Province, Mrs. Buppha Kawinwasin, Deputy Governor of the Industrial Estate Authority of Thailand, Mr. Yang Fan, Chairman and President of CG Corporation Company Limited, Mr. Huang Honglin, General Secretary and Vice President. Fujian Business Association Thailand Mr. Pan Siao Zhen, Chairman of Golden Home Company And all the honored guests attended the ceremony and witnessed this important occasion.

Mr. Traiphop Wongtrairat, Governor of Rayong Province, warmly congratulated Golden Home on setting up a production base at the CPGC Industrial Estate of Rayong Province. Rayong Province is located in an important position under the Special Development Zone Strategic Plan. Eastern region is consistent with working together to create “One Belt, One Road” Rayong Province has opened its doors wide to welcome the private sector from around the world to invest in Thailand. Today, Rayong Province is accelerating the push for basic construction projects. Expanding Map Ta Phut Port, etc., to create a better investment environment for the private sector investing in Thailand. China and Thailand have a long history of friendly relations. More and more excellent Chinese companies like Golden Home have invested in Thailand. which is a driving force for cooperation in economic trade and the development of friendly relations between Thailand and China.

Mr. Pan Xiaozhen, Chairman of Golden Home, has expressed that the international strategy is an important strategy of Golden. Home has always stood firm. The Thailand Manufacturing Base Project is the first manufacturing base capable of producing integrated products outside of China. It has great meaning to Golden. Home that will present furniture products that are well used. It is comfortable. Beautiful and environmentally friendly The project, now completed and in production, will enhance Golden Home's manufacturing capabilities and will primarily serve demand from the North American market. The same scale will also meet demand from the local Thai market. Golden N Home will bring China's leading technology in custom furniture production. and collaborate with supply chain partners from around the world to build a customized furniture manufacturing business in Thailand. Create a production base for modern custom furniture. Driving the local economy and increasing employment opportunities It helps to develop the economy of Rayong Province as well as Thailand.

Mr. Yang Fan, Chairman and President of CG Corporation Co., Ltd. has warmly congratulated Golden Home on setting up a production base at the industrial estate. CPGC and will cooperate with Golden Home to develop together. Create a beautiful future together The implementation of the "One Belt, One Road" policy has continued to deepen cooperation. It has attracted more private sector participation in creating the Eastern Special Development Zone. CPGC Industrial Estate is located in Rayong Province, which is an industrial city in the said special development zone. It is an important industrial estate that the government has helped promote under China's "One Belt, One Road" policy that is linked to Thailand's Eastern Special Development Zone. Private sector setting up factories in the industrial estate In addition to receiving special benefits from the BOI You will also receive special benefits from EEC.

Golden Home Thailand Manufacturing Base Project It will help create more local employment opportunities. It is an important force in driving the social and economic development of Rayong Province as well as Thailand. CG Corporation Company Limited as an industrial estate developer. will invest in creating an intelligent service system Provide efficient and high quality service Equipped with complete and modern facilities. To be an important supporting force in the development and expansion of Golden Home. I sincerely hope that Golden Home's Thailand production base will create new glory in advancing towards the international strategic path.

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