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Post : 11 May 2022

New Era of 3 Medical Trends for Thailand as a Medical Hub

“Future Medical Trend” Mr.John Clare, Vice President Healthcare of DKSH Thailand & Indochina, has stated that “Technology and digital will be applied more in the healthcare industry” such as

1. Telehealth: This process provides wider accessibility to receiving medical treatment as we have seen from the Covid-19 case that tons of affected patients can be consulted by doctors online and then be received prescriptions without leaving their residence.


2. Health Protection Trend: Since Vitamins and supplements are selected to be protected from covid 19 pandemic, the growth of those markets is exceptionally high. This is because most people are more concerned about their health, and pharmacies have become more crowded because it’s pretty convenient to get a consult.


3. In terms of various healthcare product regulation adjustments, it is evident from the COVID-19 situation, patients are consulted through Telehealth, and medications are delivered to their homes. There is something new that has not happened before. It affects the regulations and measures that must be changed to keep up with the situation. It may need to be reviewed and adjusted to meet the needs of patients in the future


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