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Post : 24 Aug 2021

Enhancing Industry 4.0 with advance technology of 5G

Recently, our world has been driven by the massive data and IoT systems which live up to its hype for business, it ready to deploy in many segments like retail stores, hospitals, workplaces, factories and other industries. Therefore, automated data management is faster and more accurate than before, it undeniably brings about a competitive advantage in today's market.

With the current 5G system has better capabilities than 4G in terms of speed of Upload / Download, highly performance in both video and audio, and definitely accuracy. It also supports a large number of wireless connections, such as the precise and efficient ability of AI or IoT technologies

The Industrial Estate has adopted the concept of Industrial 4.0, Facility 4.0 and Smart Industrial Estate to be applied in the Industrial Estate in the future, including 5G technology.  CPGC Industrial Estate is cooperating with True Business to implement the automated IoT system to control and monitor utilities in a project site such as

  • Smart Water / Smart Energy
  • Smart Mobility 
  • Cloud Digital Server 
  • Big Data

This technology (5G) will not only drive and enhance utility management to be more comprehensive and reliable, but it also provides efficient services to maximize resource utilization. Furthermore, leading our business and customers can grow together sustainably.

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