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Post : 10 Sep 2019

Enhancing New Automotive with Electric Vehicles Development

BOI launches a new campaign for enhancing EV investments in Thailand and make Thailand to be a hub of EV Production.

EV Activities Incentives are divided into 6 groups

1. Hybrid Electric Vehicles – HEV
2. Plug-In Hybrid Electric Vehicles – PHEV
3. Battery Electric Vehicles – BEV
4. Battery Electric Bus
5. EV Charging Service 
6. Parts of HEV BEV and PHEV

Activities group 1-5 were already expired last year; on the other hand, Group 6 is still available for application. Anyway, there are 13 production activities which are belonged to Parts of HEV BEV and PHEV and BOI granting promotional incentives 

1. Battery Production
2. Traction Motor
3. Electric air conditioning system
4. Battery Management System - BMS
5. Drive Control Unit - DCU
6. On-Board Charger
7. Manufacture of battery charging cables and adapter
8. DC/DC Converter
9. Inverter
10. Portable battery charging
11. Electric Circuit Breaker
12. Smart Charging System
13. Manufacture of Font-Back Beams for EV

All 13 activities will be privileged for exemption of CIT 8 years (100%)  and Reduction 50% for 3-5 years, and also exemption of import duties for machinery and raw material used in manufacture for export

According to “Global EV Outlook 2019 report, amount of EV production over the world is 5.1 Million cars which it’s increased for 2 million units from 2018. And China is No. 1 EV producer.

We, CPGC Industrial Estate,  strongly support Next Generation Automotives including EV ,HEV, PHEV production.

Credit: BOI News

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